15 Quick Facts Flow for cities


We are happy to share with you Spanish edition of 15 Quick Facts Flow for cities. From Arquitectúria Association, a non profit association but with interests making urban environment improvements, we have helped to translate it. We hope it spread the world.

What is flow?

The FLOW Quick Facts outline walking and cycling measures can not only improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, but also reduce congestion. They describe some – perhaps surprising – results about overall transport efficiency that have been achieved while improving conditions for walking and cycling.

flow project

FLOW is training implementers from more than 40 European cities in applying the FLOW methodology and assessment tools, and actively encourages experience exchange between local practitioners on evaluating effective congestion busting walking and cycling measures in various face-to-face and online formats. Through these activities, FLOW aims to support the Europe-wide take-up of congestion-reducing walking and cycling measures

For more information please follow the link: http://h2020-flow.eu/resources/publications/

Here is the spanish document 15 Quick Facts Flow for cities: