La PAM was a response to the council project about Pizarro St and Hernán St, it developed an open non public participation process, which conclusions where presented to city council, and test on site during 10h Plaza Pizarro, obtaining neighbour’s support, merchant and visitors. Some showed and claimed aspects were finally incorporated, nowdays the crossroad still waits for future redevelopment.

Some links:

Walk21 Vienna Walking Stories “Each Street Redevelopment is a Chance for the City” and also at Sustainable Cities Collective

Vienna Visionary Awards

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State of the project

  • First Proposal Study December 2014
  • PAM_PIHE Alternative Proposal of Improvement February 2015
  • Public Participation March 2015
  • On site Test 10h May 2015
  • Prize Vienna Walk21 Visionary Awards June 2015